Fools. Bootcamp. Beginnings. Go.

This April Fools, try telling the truth.

Four reasons.

1) No one will believe you. Telling the truth is the only good prank left if your friends are skeptics. “Is this a prank? I think so. But I can’t tell. It sounds true. Probably proof it’s a prank. I’m 95% sure it’s a prank. Maybe 90. I don’t know. I’m feeling a sense of childlike wonder bubbling from my heart cockles and it’s putting a blush on my face cockles. Oh dear! I’m feeling emotions.” It’s a meta-win on a holiday for jaded hearts.

2) Truth liberates. Tell a deep one and a part of you gets unlocked. It hurts and then you breathe easier. If it’s not a scary truth, it’s probably not deep enough. On April Fools, no one will jump down your throat for sharing your truth, because they’ll be reeling from the barrage of lies on their social feeds. It’s a Get Out of Your Head Free card. Use it. Collect $200.*

3) Truth motivates. Whether you’re starting down a new path or struggling with keeping something big under wraps, it’s often easier to move forward with purpose and positivity if you just put it out there. Accountability breeds growth. This one’s less about April Fools and more about honesty itself. But I think it fits, because it’s ok to be honest even when no one else is.

4) It’s spring! Time for new beginnings and fresh starts. The sun is out and stuff is blooming. Why not face the day with an open heart?

This year, I used April 1 to break the news that I’m officially pursuing a long-simmering dream of becoming a programmer. I’ve started learning Ruby, I’m expanding on my basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, and I’ve even downloaded a few coding apps to help me make better use of what was previously idle blog browsing time on my phone. Sorry, Slate. Until I know how to make you, I no longer have hours to read you.

I can learn this stuff on my own, but I don’t really want to. I learn best with good mentors who set good examples, peers who share my passion, and time apart to really sink my teeth into stuff. Which is why I’m excited to announce that I’ve just been accepted to Dev Bootcamp in Chicago!

Dev Bootcamp is a super-intense immersive learning experience that asks people to put their lives on hold for nine weeks in order to eat, dream, and breathe programming. In exchange, they get you proficient enough in the Ruby on Rails framework to qualify for a job as a junior developer. And then they hook you up with firms looking to fill those jobs in Chicago.

I should have started blogging a while ago, but now I have this new DBC story I’m living, so this is as good a time as any to get going.

(Did you know 82% of blogs never make it past the fifth post? That’s ok. This is different. This blog will not be a statistic. Believe!)


*you will not collect $200


One comment

  1. I stand in awe: You pulled off the ever elusive, near mythical “double cockles” referent in the very first paragraph of your first blog post. Setting the bar a little high out the gate though aren’t ya? You’ve painted yourself into a corner where you better be “double-cockles-good” every time out, since we know what your capable of now!

    Scribe envy aside, welcome to the coder club brother! I suspect you’re gonna be really, really good at this. Remember, if ya ever need a hand let me know, I’m at your disposal. Congrats on the big steps!

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