Comfortably Newb: Setting forth with a growth mindset.

I spent a lot of time poring through Dev Bootcamp grads’ blogs this week. About 75% of that time was me being baffled at the technical depth of the posts.

I’ve also spent a lot of time reflecting on Carol Dweck’s work on fixed vs. growth mindset. Partly because it was assigned to all incoming DBC students as required reading, partly because I recently had to review a video of a talk on Dweck’s research as part of a work assignment. Huge coincidence, so I embraced it.

Fixed mindset says: “Whoa, this material is WAY over my head. I feel like an impostor. I’ll never get this stuff. I’m not techie enough. I should just quit. These graduates are so far ahead of me, there’s no way I’ll ever catch up. Their success is my failure.”

Growth mindset says: “Wow, these people learned a LOT to know what they know now. They started out with zero knowledge – hey! that’s where I’m at now. Their success is my inspiration. If I follow the path they took, I know my brain is flexible enough to hold all the new information. One day I’ll get this stuff.”

I know next to nothing now. I’m sure I’ll look back at these first posts in a year and laugh out loud at my struggles with material as basic as a TI-83 game. (Puns! I got ’em!) But that’s a good hope to have, because it means I can see myself way smarter in a year. Watch me grow.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here, trying to remember whether the key or the value comes first in a hash. I’m pretty sure it’s {

“key” => “value”


but don’t quote me on that just yet. Cheers.


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