Day One: Catching Up, Checking In, Setting Out

Ok, I’m in.

Phase 0 has officially begun. Am I as prepared as I thought I’d be? Absolutely not. Am I scared? Absolutely yes. Can I do this? Absolutely maybe.

I didn’t get through all the tutorials on time, so now I’m scrambling to catch up. That’s why I haven’t been blogging much. I could go on for a long time about mindfulness and workflow and trusting in the next step, but maybe that’ll be next post. For now, a brief rundown on the work I have cut out for me this week:

One scheduled intro session via video. I have to bring questions. I have to have questions. I have to learn what questions I have. I hav until Thursday to learn.

Nine self-teaching challenges. I say self-teaching because I’m the one going through them myself, and also because the lessons teach you themselves, ie I am learning how GitHub works because the lessons are posted in GitHub and the first few lessons are about using GitHub. Very clever. Very efficient. By the time I finished the first challenge, I had a Git account set up and a vague understanding of how version control works. My current task involves cloning to a local repository and learning about open source licensing. It’s briskly paced. It’s fun.

Each challenge requires reflection. I have to write down what amounts to a brief essay every time I learn something, and upload that essay alongside the stuff I just learned. It plays like a reinforcement/debriefing strategy, and it’s working so far. I think. This is still very new.

I had a moment of panic today when another boot sent me an email asking if I wanted to pair program with them and if I knew how, because he didn’t, and I realized that 1) yes, I did want to pair with them and 2) no, I had no earthly idea how and 3) please help me I’m scared. I still haven’t responded to that email, but that’s next on my daily to-do list; if I can’t get over my need for a perfect solution to every problem that presents itself, flawless on the first try, I’ll be washed up before I even begin. This email is a problem that only has imperfect solutions. I need to bite the bullet, admit to what I don’t know, and pick this other guy’s brain. Maybe we’ll figure out the solution together.

I wish I had more time to say what’s on my mind about this process. I’m anxious and excited and puzzled and interested all at once. The way they set it up, it’s like a meeting agenda mixed with a point-and-click adventure game. I need to do things in the right order, but there’s discovery at every turn. It’s wild. You should try it.

Since we last spoke, I know a lot more HTML and a little more JavaScript; I still need a little more of the former and a lot more of the latter. This’ll be the last you hear from me until I get those prerequisites nailed down. It’s one thing to augment understanding by blogging, but it’s another to spin wheels while work sits unfinished.

Priorities. I’ll see you soon.


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