What Did You Laugh At When You Were Young?

I leave for Dev Bootcamp on Monday. I need your help with something simple.

Life in Chicago is going to be awesome. Life apart from my family is going to be hard. My daughter is goin to miss me and not understand why I’m gone. I won’t have it much better.

To ease the heartache, my wife has commissioned me to record 80 short videos to share with my daughter when I’m gone. Silly stuff, sentimental stuff, singalong stuff.

I want to knock this project out of the park, but 80 is a big number! I’ve got a few ideas mapped out (how to make a sandwich, summer camp songs, Goldilocks and the Three Zombies, etc.) but I could always use a few more.

Please leave a comment if you have a song, story, or other concept that would make an entertaining short video. Who knows? I might end up posting them while I’m gone so my blog has something fun to look at.

Help me make my daughter’s days brighter. Help me make my absence easier. Help me make my blog multimedia-er. Throw out those ideas!



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