Moving Day

I woke up this morning to the third day of a nasty cold. It’ll be hard to determine which was fuller today – the rental SUV I packed to bursting with my stuff, or my poor congested sinuses.

I think I breathed through my nose the other day, but it’s been so long that the memory is fading. I’m like Badger from Breaking Bad: red eyes, raspy voice, and a pocked full of Sudafed. Oh well. Today’s too exciting for me to dwell on illness for long.

This is it! After all those weeks of at-home study, I’m finally off to Chicago, where I’ll assemble the twin bed I used to sleep on as a little kid, learn where the wall plugs are, and figure out a way to keep my clothes organized. I’ll be arriving in the midst of positive chaos… My gracious host is throwing a huge BBQ today, so I’ll be surrounded by happy humans right from the start.

An there will be many more happy humans for me to meet in the coming days. The last Phase 0 “assignment” we received was to link up in Chicago and get to know our cohort. So far, I only know people from pairing with them. It will be interesting to learn what everybody’s like in person.

Ok, but seriously, this car is full to the brim. Bed, frame, clothes, shoes, fan, guitar, laptop, peanut butter, oatmeal, rice milk, breakfast shake mix, blender, and video game controllers in case I’ll have time for that.

I won’t have time for that.

Last week, I got an email from DBC warning me that the campus is a no cell phone zone and that missing a single day of boot camp is equivalent to missing a week of Phase 0. The pressure’s on. If only my head were merely full of phlegm. My thoughts are racing as I try to balance my sadness at leaving home, my fear of the stress ahead, my excitement about the next three months, my joy at realizing this is HAPPENING and I’m one step closer to a career I’ll be really proud of.

I’ve still got to pair up a couple times this weekend, write some more Ruby and JavaScript, and brush up on documentation for the languages I’ll be using. But first I’ve got to pick up towels and a power strip in Michigan City (oops, forgot), get a CTA pass, and watch kids play in the bounce house outside my new place (this BBQ is serious business).

It’s crazy how fast today arrived. This move was a mere concept a week ago. It didn’t really hit me until there were less than 48 hours left on the clock, and then it felt like I couldn’t do anything fast enough to get prepared. I didn’t pack my clothes until early this morning. Laundry was still drying as late as 7 am. I’m pretty sure I won’t fully realize my life has changed until midway through my first week.

Honestly, I’m kind of grateful for this (stupid, stupid) cold, because it’s keeping me occupied and out of my own head…it’s hard to find space in there when there’s already a softball behind my nose. All I have to do today is get settled in and find some time to be social. Tomorrow, I’ll dive into code and get back up to full momentum.

And when Monday comes, I’ll be ready.

Two days to go.


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