OO – It’s Magic, You Know…

Aaaaaand there it is.

They say it eventually happens to everyone who does this. You’re sitting through another lecture about mixins or watching someone assign instance variables during a coding demonstration, and suddenly something snaps and it’s all objects.

Everything is a object.

This post is an object that contains a string. The phone I’m writing it on is an object that receives messages from Twitter. The pillow under my head is an instance of the Pillow class, which in turn inherits some characteristics of the ThingsKidsFightWith class. (Did it have to inherit those things? I’ve been told inheritance should be avoided unless it’s absolutely required by necessity or design.)

My typing thumb is an object that receives messages from my brain object telling it to watch out in that lower left corner of the iPhone keyboard object, or else the microphone button object will send a message to the phone speaker object and I’ll end up with this annoying beep object that I can’t keep from initializing even if my phone is on vibrate, unless I remember to tell my volume button object to send a message to the ringer object and disable its function.

What did the lawyer say when the witness refused to swear on the Agile Manifesto?

“I object!”

There’s a mock assessment object in the “tomorrow’s events” hash. I have to receive a bunch more messages from this ebook object before I pass out tonight.

This post is short because I’m studying, and because I’m exhausted, and because this post never needed to be long from the start. It’s enough for me to write the Minimum Viable Post and add features to it later, based on my next conversation with my readers. Tell me how you’d like this post to evolve and I’ll see if I can address your concerns in its next release.

That’s actually not a joke. The comments are down there for a reason. Consider this as an experiment


oh, dammit. Make it stop.


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