Dev Bootcamp Rap Recap: Week 2

Another week, another brainful of knowledge slowly seeping into my consciousness as I regroup and recharge during the Dev Bootcamp weekend lull. But I can’t just slack off, I have raps to write!

So I wrote some, and here they are. I hope you enjoy them. Annotated lyrics below the fold.

I’m sending args like a pirate with postcards,
attacking every line like the life of a nose guard,
refactoring my mind while I study these code arts and grow smart,
getting guided by feedback like sonar.
Gimme CSV and I’ll go hard,
every single row’s parsed as I control object flowcharts.
I know not whether this is my last time in first phase,
but in the worst way I hope our whole cohort can roll on to a fresh test of effort
and take the next step together as one.
I hope we face every challenge and never succumb.
I hope we stay readily balanced and steadily fun.
The way I’m working I can barely remember the sun,
building from 8 in the morning till whenever I’m done.
I’m trying to stay tougher than leather like Reverend Run,
and never break under the pressure and stress when it comes.

I’m growing!

It really feels like progress when I sit down and model real life objects,
but if I never reveal my process right at the start I tend to veer right off and get lost in thought.
So I gotta design toward the SOLID principles given for scripters to strive for,
and when I get stuck I’m headed back to the whiteboard;
when life’s hard I probably need to write more pseudocode,
cause pseudocode’s the path to improve your flow
and you don’t know the half ’til you try it out.
Define the route like a GPS,
I believe it’s best to redirect during times of doubt,

And though I like to sound classy, in the end it seems
I’m just another empty cup in search of some better tea.
And while I wait for the master to share the recipe
I’m missing my family and trying to manage that dependency.
What I’m saying is some concerns don’t separate
everyday I get on the phone to see Penny’s Face…Time…
And there’s even an app for it;
my dream is to craft more, so believe I’ma have courage and I’ll pass phase.
My old design has seen its last days,
I’m trying to stay in stretch zone ’til my back aches,
so you’re about to see my true best effort
and I’ma show you what it is like a to_s method
– thIIIrd



    1. I’m having the time of my life and I’ve never been so anxious. It’s an interesting mix of emotions, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything (except my eventual return to family life in the fall).

      1. I work for a health technology startup called Medivo in NYC. I’m loving life as a developer 🙂

        I created a site with a bunch of Ruby practice questions that you might like:

        Hit me up on Twitter (@CodeQuizzes) or send me an email if you ever have any questions – I’m happy to help.

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