SQL and Silence

We’re doing a lot with databases this week, and that adds a whole new layer of complexity to class-building in Ruby. Now we need to keep design principles in mind and make a lot of SQL calls AND test it all against Rspec, and if that word salad makes your head spin, imagine how fast it would be spinning if you were trying to understand the terms and generate¬†the code all at once.

It’s tough. And it’s not even the only thing going on this week.

I didn’t post last night because I was too busy reading and building things with code. I’m not cramming, per se, but I am definitely nervous about Thursday’s assessment, and I want to be well-prepared. I’ve made a list of four more challenges I want to redo before tomorrow night, so these next couple evenings might not be blog evenings. Sorry

Prospective students: The workload is real, and the fun is real too. We have a blast here every day, and the atmosphere is at once relaxing and motivating, but we’re also usually here more than 10 hours and evenings and weekends don’t offer much relief. I’m in this weird position where if I “only” put in 70 hours a week I’m right on the line between passing and repeating my first phase (ok, a little on the pass side, but I don’t believe in hubris). But if I crank my effort past any previous maximum I can remember, I can gain ground and even have a great day or two. Your mileage may vary.

If I don’t see you before Thursday, wish me luck on my assessment. More importantly, wish me strength over the next two days so I won’t need the luck when the chips are down.

I thought about making a joke about Ruby and SQL here, but I’m just not prepared to execute the punchline.


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