Dev Bootcamp Rap Recap: Week 3

Raps. Lyrics. Links. You know the drill.

I’m leaving Week 3 behind,
trying to put it all together like a schema design,
and singing a rhyme’s another way for me to define
what I mean when I try to say that DBC in the CHI is the dream of my life.
So just breathe and type, for real, and try to heed advice
A db‘s the type of fabric people like
Cause whenever it gets rough you can SQLite
One two one two, and one to one –
I one to many a battle cause my puns are dumb.
I call a method to try and see how the function runs;
If I can inject a plus I can lump the sum knowledge of all of us,
working together and staying positive,
every table is inner joined, getting cooperative.
Listen, if it’s awesome you can accomplish it,
so keep holding your head high like an ostrich…

…but that’s the wrong bird.
I’d say “chirp chirp” but that’s the wrong word.
My Bobolinks are a class of bomb nerds
and we browse on trees like mastodon herds.
We craft sublime text, and when times press, we relax from high stress.
We work hard and play hard and learn hard to stay hard and attack the five tests the wisest.
A level-headed endeavor to weather the pressure is evident whether or not we’re killin it,
and if we need more time we hang back (no shame in that), we stay active with a will to win.
And though the hot sun still exists,
graduation is an oasis in the wilderness. 
The apps they make are amazing and they were built to give
proof to the point that potential is pretty limitless.

So make room – we’ll be making the same moves, like, way soon –
that’s the purpose of learning Phase 2.
Why do we rake through database groups and trace routes and break loops?
Yo – it’s how we pay dues!

I stay cool, calm, and collected
and get ready to greet new Mantis brethren,
I’m trying to increase my average freshness,
and my current high score is an Active Record.



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