Dev Bootcamp Rap Recap: Week 5

This week, I’m taking things a bit beneath the surface. Code puns are great, but Dev Bootcamp is a place of transformation, and I wanted to address that more deeply.

For the beat, I sampled my brother’s college a capella group, Marquette University’s Gold ‘n Blues. You can buy their music, including the Christmas album containing the sample, at their homepage.

As always, annotated lyrics are below the fold. To listen to all the other rap recaps I’ve done, go here.


It’s time for a gut check:
Will I resign my design or fight for my success?
I’m being sucked in, I’m trying to suck wind,
running sprints in CRUD because of one test.
And I wonder what’s next,
boulders on my shoulders – will I hold them or shrug stress?
I had a plan when I entered this space
but sometimes the effort it takes is high and I want less pain of progress.
My train of thought’s on Rails in a tunnel and I’m afraid of darkness;
I’m trying to maintain my arc and take aim at targets
in the range of my brain regardless.
And so today I’m awake and honest.
I strayed a lot but then I changed my process.
I’ma shake the cobwebs, I’m straining for knowledge,
I’m talking to my fate trying to make it awesome like:

“I know it’s been a long long time
since we seen each other and now you’re not quite fine…
I know I used to break down under pressure
but then I got it together so now I’m on my grind…
you got me wishing on a starlight shine
to find my inner mission and to walk my line.
I tried an intermission and I lost my time
but time is ripe now, and you’re on my mind,
so right now I want my spine to change,
I wanna take it back to a line that’s straight
and so I gotta skate past all of my mistakes
because I wanna chase passion and find my way.”

It won’t be easy and it might get strange
but I’ll smile and say “alright, let’s play!”
I’ll venture out with pride and grace
because from then to now is night and day,

I used to see a test and speed off,
so now I’m trying to prevent the default,
don’t wanna fall back to a failed callback,
I’m beyond that so forever I’ll keep on and be strong.
I’m like a rakefile spitting and my skeleton’s good so this change is a given.
I’m living proof that your bugs can save you
because I took in a breadth of fresh errors and I’ve risen.

Yep, I had a few errors in my syntax,
but now I’m getting all my brackets closed.
My life’s on a limb in a thin branch
I don’t know which version I’ll git but I have control.
It all starts with me and now I know that;
It’s the greatest piece of advice I know.
If you’re tryin’ to get with the program and you wanna be nice at code,

I won’t give up
I won’t give out
I won’t give in if I’m down in doubt
And I won’t go back to the way that I was
back when I was afraid to be somebody.

So I’m rising up
and I’m reaching out
and I’m listening in till I hear a shout like a reckoning,
singing the sound of my second wind.
I will never give up.



  1. Hey Duke,

    Great song. You’ve got great flow.
    I’m currently applying for DBC and checked your site for info.
    Thanks for everything.

    1. Thanks for listening! I hope you make it in and find the experience as incredible as I have. Let me know if you have any questions about what’s next.

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